I signed up to the marketing course with Salford Business School in Manchester to get a thorough understanding of the most recent marketing theory so I can use that in practice to relaunch KaskoSan.


The second digital marketing strategy I am designing with help from Steve will aim to reach out a hand to Roma children and youth in the U.K. and help them make a change. What is the magic trick to change the life of a Roma child coming from extreme poverty? In my case it was education. However as a ‘Gypsy’ child the first day you enter school you will immediately become a number one target of bullying. All the antigypsyism will pour in your face. Most of us run away from that and never want to go to a place again where you are told you are rubbish, you are a rat, you have no value and you are a ‘Gypsy’. With KaskoSan I want to find all other Roma in the U.K. who want to get an education in this country and who also want to succeed here. 


COVID-19 is making that mission almost impossible. Yes, only almost for we go around that too. We already provide the support from the streets and online. Now with KaskoSan we want to make that national. 


School attainment of Roma children has been issue for a long time that all primary schools with a large concentration of Roma children face in England. During the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping contact with Roma families is even harder and understanding how to work around reactions of Roma to crisis situations may be even more challenging. The knowledge of Romani Gypsy language on its own is insufficient to tackle the issue. I will have to write about my work at Bowling Park Primary School separately. The only thing I can say about that for now that it’s deep. Many lessons to learn. Keep tuned for that one! 


There are only a few books on Roma and hardly any academic resources available either therefore reaching, and engaging Roma in the right way remains a mystery for many. That is the expertise I contribute with. I understand their buyer persona, what channels they can be reached on and the kind of content they seek out which once offered to them will create a strong emotional connection with the users. I build trust through a deep engagement process with Roma families and assist them through crisis times and help them connect to employment, training and business opportunities in the mainstream world. 


During the coronavirus restrictions, I carry on acting as a Roma interpreter and as an adviser. The most common query recently is help with the EU Settled Status application process. I also feature Roma characters in films to showcase the challenges Roma families face in the U.K.


Salford University in Manchester helped me fill in the gaps in my theoretical knowledge about marketing. Learning final year marketing research theories is rather challenging with the coronavirus pandemic. 2020 has been the hardest at university but with the support I get from teachers as well as from some of the students I am now preparing the online relaunch of KaskoSan, the largest Gypsy social network ever and the first global Roma brand that I built in 2009. 


KaskoSan was the first to draft and implement a digital marketing strategy targeting the Roma community. We were the first in the world to ever analyse Roma Gypsy people as a market segment, to think about their consumer behaviour and their buyer persona and not just about the noises they make in the streets or gathering and analysing data on their poverty level. Being a doer, I have never liked the victim positioning images that I grew up seeing everywhere about us. Noone ever thought that Gypsies are consumers too. It took us a few months to design and implement the digital marketing strategy and we didn’t even need to touch the site for ten years. Users generated more and more exciting music and photo content day and night, it was pouring in from all over the world. We had new user registrations every single day and users just kept sharing and sharing our video content which happens to date.


We were unable to fund the server costs and the site went offline a year ago. With the knowledge and the professional network I have been building with help from the University of Salford I am now ready to design and implement the second digital marketing strategy of KaskoSan.org . 

KaskoSan fans loved the first series of videos produced 11 years ago. They earned millions of views over the years. In the second strategy we are filming in the U.K. To make sure the standard will be high. After I graduate from the marketing business school at Salford University, I am thinking of signing up to the film making and film production course at Media City. 


We had some rather exciting characters lined up in the first KaskoSan video series and the second series will only be better, I can promise you that. Who knows, maybe we managed to get Steve on camera again. You know, Steve? You don’t know Steve? Wow! You don’t know what you’re missing out on. Maybe he is coming back in the second round of KaskoSan videos and who knows, this time maybe Johnny Ugly will show up as well! What? You don’t know Johnny Ugly either? Wow and wow, you’re missing out on loads of fun stuff there! You’d better stay tuned!