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Juice Vamosi has more than 30 years of history of working and supporting the Roma community. First in his native Hungary, then in Germany and throughout Eastern Europe. He has been working, studying and living in the U.K. permanently since 2012.

He has also been an adviser on the Digital Agenda of Europe to Neelie Kroes, former vice president of the European Commission for five years. He also advised two past presidents of the World Bank on Roma inclusion.

In Hungary he worked for the Ministry of Equal Opportunities, national Roma organisations, local and national TV channels, high schools and universities. He also worked as an IT project manager and online marketing manager for software development companies.  

In-between he has worked as a conference interpreter for the Council of Europe, The European Commission, European Parliament, Worldbank, as well as other governmental organisations and nonprofits.

Languages Spoken:

  • English – advanced level both written and spoken, active, also use it for interpretation at Intl. Meetings.
  • Romani – mother tongue, advanced level; competent speaker of all Romani dialects. Active, also use it for interpretation.
  • German – intermediate level; both written and spoken. 
  • Hungarian – native language.
  • Romanian, Serbian, Russian – basic.

Educational Background:

  • Marketing, Business School, University of Salford
  • Diplomacy School, Romani Diplomacy
  • Study Tour in Washington DC in November 2003 with the Worldbank and OSI.
  • Several seminars and conferences on various fields of Roma issues in the last 6 years in most states of Europe where got to know all actors on all fields of Roma issues on the international level and have very good contacts with national NGOs and politicians in CEE countries also besides the acquaintance of a tremendous amount of experience in networking, representation, communication and interpretation.
  • Faculty of Law, University of Pécs – UP (4 years completed);
  • Faculty of Humanity, English Linguistics and Literature, MA, UP;
  • Central Independent Journalism, Media School, Budapest, Hungary;
  • British-American bilingual grammar school. Gained advanced level of English (Oxford Cambridge) at the age of 16. Learnt all subjects in English. Organised several international students’ meetings.

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